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Promise we wont fall apart. . [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
*brandi michelle*

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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2005|04:38 pm]
*brandi michelle*
I got a new LiVEJOURNAL! I may switch back to this one but it all depends! clickxmexwhore Add meeeee!
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Dont wanna close my eyes, dont wanna fall asleep cause I miss you baby and I dont wanna miss a thing [Mar. 18th, 2005|09:20 am]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Aero Smith Dont wanna miss a thing]

Well yesterday was fun fun fun. School was a half-day. Drama was ok. Kevin was soo funny I almost peed my pants. :/ But yeah then Mrs. Gadberry made me do PE and I thought I was gonna hurl. We played basketball and by then I had a lot of energy so I was running into people and trying to get the ball and Crystal nick-named me "bulldozer" it was cool. :] But yeah then Peter came over :D If you wanna know what happened read his Live Journal. Tjhen my Dad flipped and took Peter home and I went with my mom to pick up my Uncle and he explained to me why my Dad flipped. I understand. Then my mom made me apologize to Peter. Yeah. then I watch the OC! Gosh I love that show! Then watched part of Double Jepordy. I had a headahce so I went to bed early. Then I woke up with Starbursts on my pilow. I looooove my sister to death! But yeah.

This weekend its me and my sister. Oh boy. Parents are gone and we're gonna party! Actually we're gonna make candy [necklaces and bracelts] with raven and watch Spun and The Notebook. Thats about it. I wish Peter wasnt going to his Dad's because I wanted him to hang out with but its alright. Yesterday was great!

Today I am going to brunch with my family for my Aunt's Birthday. Then we are going shopping so me qand my sister can survive this weekend. I have to go straighten my hair now because I have a huge hicky on my neck and my family already thinks I'm a whore so yeah. I probably wont write until the weekend is over. I have a lot of science homework to do but its easy.

No icons or lyrics. Too busy.

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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2005|07:20 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |sillysilly]
[Current Music |Edens Crush Anywhere but Here]

Well today was alright. I woke up and my mom took me to school. Then school was good. I worked hard on my biography and did my work in science. I actually worked in math. I didnt finish it though. . I swear I would have an A if I actually turned in a homework assignment. But w/e Then history was good. We're going on two field trips soon 8) My mom was soo happy when I asked her to chaperone. That felt good to have her be happy with me for once. :] Then I went to the dentist and that was a bitch. I was soo pissed. Ugh they didnt really brush my teeth for me. They like used this vibrator thing and it HURT! I didnt know you put vibrating things in your mouth. They told me that since my mouth is so small and my teeth are so close together I have to floss more often since I only do when I think about it which is never. :| Then my dentist was a bitch and yeah. All my doctors are bitches. Esspecially my gyno and theorpist. But my Dermotologist was nice :). But whatever. I have had it up to here with doctors! ugh. But today was good. Then I saw Felicia's little brother at the store. He knew my brother. Weird. . Then I got home and wrapped more presents. I think Trev and Taylor are coming over on Saturday to keep me company while my parents are away. But yeah then I helped with Dinner but didnt eat because my mouth STILL HURTS! Now I have to clean my room and take a shower. Oh and it was my Step-sister Sarah's birthday so I called her. :D I loooove her. She is soo cool. She's 25 now. Wow. She was in Reno Fox Hunting. I know right but how many other kids do you hear about have a sister who spends her birthday Fox Hunting.  hehe. But now I am going to watch the Lion King haha.

Oh! And I got [The Notebook] Icons! They are soo cute. I love that movie. But yeah. I'm hoping to rent it and make Peter watch it tomorrow. hahaahah. . .maybe not. . .but probably :]

 < thats my absolute favorite!

Thats is the best movie of all time! I love it!


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Theres gotta be more to life. [Mar. 15th, 2005|06:43 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[Current Music |More to Life by Staci Orrico]

Well today was ok. School I really cant remember. Um. .I think I'm just gonna let the whole Cameron thing go. I never did get to see the counsiler. Whatever. PE was fun. I guess I was slacking. I didnt think it was B-day. I am NOT suiting up on Thursday. Or maybe I wont next week. I dont know, damn. So then I got home. Waited for a phone call that I never received. I'm too stubborn to call myself so yeah. Then I got sick of all of it and fell asleep. Then woke up. Got online and talked to some people. Now I'm sitting here eating dinner. I'm gonna go do my homework and stuff. My dad wants me to call Steffi. But I cant get my movies anyway because she's probably not allowed to talk on the phone. *sigh* I just want to go back to bed. Ashley just called. I wanted to wear my barbie shirt tonmorrow but I'm letting Ashley wear it. Now I have nothing to wear tomorrow. Maybe I just wont go to school. Seems like a waste. I'm gonna go paint my toe nails or do something. Listen to happy music. I gotta call Alex and see about hanging out tomorrow. Oh and I have to draw some pictures. I have that bad taste in your mouth right after you wake up. ew.


I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. grreeeeaaat.
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I'm just wondering if you still care. [Mar. 14th, 2005|07:22 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthinking]
[Current Music |Breathing]

Well today was well, eventful I guess. Charli was being a dumbass at the bus stop. It was pretty funny. Yesterday was amazing. But yeah today Cameron West was telling people that I had sex with him. I havent talked to that kid since like kindergarten. haha! But then Mike told Peter that Cameron was talking shit when he wasnt.So Peter like threatened to beat him up then Cameron told and he got ISS. It was retarded. Then Mike tried to bail him out. haha. But then like I smacked Cameron at lunch. Then people started talking shit and like asking me if I fucked him and telling me he was saying this and that. Gosh! So Ms. Ellis even heard and told me I should go to the counsiler and file sexual harrasment so I'm going too. It sucks it had to end this way. I was gonna punch him after school but he wasnt on the bus. Tomorrow hopefully. Chris and Dereck are gonna hold him down. :]

But other than that. Today was ok. I talked to Pete like all day and now I think I'm making plans to go to Kevin's house on Wednesday so that should be cool. Um I got some more icons. I love them. 8)


Well thats it for today. I'm gonna go starighten my hair and clean my room because my mom is being retarded. (Not really but w/e) Write back Laterrr!



baby do you understand me? i cant do a thing without you. i need you.

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The real me is southern girl with her levis on and an open heart [Mar. 13th, 2005|07:36 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |exhaustedSleepy, sleepy, sleepy]
[Current Music |With You by Jessica Simpson]

Well this weekend was great! On Friday I went to the Great Escape and some other places with Peter and Mike and Julie. We ate dinner at A&W and that was hilarious. So many goodtimes with them. Then on Saturday I went to breakfast with my mom and cousin. Then went home and slept. I slept for like five hours. haha. Then I played a board game with my family. I babysat with Maranda. That was fun :) Then today I woke up at like 7:30 and then hung out with Peter, Mike and Patrick. Then Julie came over. It was tons of fun! We went places and just hung out. Peter got mad at Patrick. I felt really bad. I mean he was really mad. But Patrick was being retarded so he deserve it. And then we took them home and I am here now. I am soo exhausted wow. Sweet Dreams!

I can let my hair down. I can say anything crazy, I know you'll catch me right before I hit the ground.With nothing but a T-shirt on I never felt so beautiful baby as I do now. Now that I'm with you.

brandimichelle PS my brother got a paintball gun. :o God help us. .
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I dont know how to live without your love. . [Mar. 10th, 2005|06:39 am]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |thoughtfulJust thinking. . .]
[Current Music |Born to Make you Happy]

Wait for a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU. The one who turns to his friends and says, "thats her." [I did] :)
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This may never start. We could fall apart. I cannot be your memory. [Mar. 8th, 2005|07:10 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |thoughtfulJust thinking. . .]
[Current Music |Memory by Sugarcult]

Today was ok. School was good. I am doing my biography on Christina Aguilera. 8] Math Mrs. Stocking is retarded. I haaaate her. I really wanna transfer out of that class. Oh well. But yeah school was ok. I got home and slept and did something else. . then talked Peter and now I'm here "researching." I was supposed to hang out with Peter on Friday but I cant. A little disapointed but he cant help it. Oh well. But yeah. I cant wait till this summer when I can just sleep aaaaaall the time. Nah. I just dont wanna do school work all the time. But yeah. Tonight I just have to. . um do nothing. I may do a current event because I dont wanna be behind. So anyways. Tomorrow I need to go to the Library. I have a fine there. :/ Ah whatever. I need to get some stuff for my biography and just books to read. Oh and we're running the mile and a half AGAIN! I may not do it. I could use the excercise though I guess so I'll probably just try get at least the times I had last year. I cant fail PE. Thats just lame. haha. No song lyrics today. I'm too busy doing my brothers fucking homework. Gosh and when I point out a mistake he freakin' cries. . . Besides its not like the lyrics mean anything to anyone else but me. BLAH BLAH BLAH! MR. BLAH BLAH! hehe. Thats all I got.

I LOOOOOVE PETER. and my foot fell asleep, greeeeat.



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I dont wanna be invisible. [Mar. 6th, 2005|07:40 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |coldmy feet are cold]
[Current Music |Invisible]

Well today was good. I went grocery shopping and to Taco Bell. And then got on the phone with Peter. Peter is coming over tomorrow and yeah. Gotta clean and take a shower. I'm hella tired. Then off to bed.


What can be done in order for you to percieve that I'm not falling behind? That's your vision your delusion I was here to begin you've interrupted our conclusions but we havent begun and you've placed your number ones instead. So what, I'm different. Would you prefer if we're all like her? You see the external illusions. We're all the same.



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When the time has come for me to say goodbye. I'll look upon that moment and I wont hide. [Mar. 5th, 2005|07:52 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |busybusy]
[Current Music |Lillix Lost and Confused]

Today was good. I woke up ealy again. It sucks. Then I just read for a little bit. Went downstairs. I did have a cup of coffee but then just went right back to bed. Then checked my email. My dad hasnt wrote back. My cousins came over and I had to babysit them. Then mom and Dad left. I worked on some homework and my Livejournal backround. It took my so long to figure stuff. I had to give up. Then I figured out how to get pictures and icons on here. :] So proud of myself. haha. Then my parents came home and they took my to dinner. It was good. I only had soup and salad though. But now everytime I burp it tastes like clam chowder :x hahaha! It does though. Then I rented Dawn of the Dead. It looked ok but if its bad Í'm not gonna finish it. My dad bought me an excercise ball. I am going to work out more. Morning and night at least three times a day though. I only had a little bit of homework this weekend. I didnt get to go to Taco Bell. I will tomorrow though. I dont want Nikki to come over anyways. But yeah. This week not a lot going on. I think its my oldest sisters birthday. Peter is coming over on Monday. I really wish he didnt hate my family. :|

My dad is trying to get me to come out there this summer. I said I would if I got to go to Italy. They might make me go from Italy right to Oklahoma and then home. That would be retarded but whatever. I'm gonna go watch a movie and try out that new ball.

 Well I have TONS more but I'll add them laterrr!

So many days have gone by without a trace. I dont know what to do or say. To many ways for you to come and stay. In my mind I waited for you. But there is one thing that I forgot to say. Dont think I'm changing for you. And never ever will you hear me say, that I cant make it alone. You just cant change it now. Not before we that it has, gone through the windo. Out its side. Never agasn to be seen. Lost in the distance. Dont know where to go.

XoOxoXOx brandi*

PS My icon is sooo fucking me its not even funny!

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He's into what he's got (and thats me) [Mar. 4th, 2005|11:30 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]
[Current Music |Loves me Loves you not.]

Well today was really good. I went to school and almost missed the bus. Then when I got there I stalked this new kid with Crystal and he took like a half hour to eat a whole churro. hahaha. It was funny. Then I saw Peter :) Went to homeroom. Talked to Joanna. Drama was good. I group hopped like three times and then got in a group. We dont have very much done. . Then I was talking to Peter and I guess my teeth we're orange. :x That was embaressing. Then PE was ok. I worked really hard and had to lay down for a few minutes. Then we played Basketball and me and Crystal made a victory dance. It was cool. Then Peter left and I had to hold on to him for like five minutes. I dont care about PDA anymore. Then I was sent to the Deans and I had to tell him some stuff that I knew. I thought I was in trouble. In science me and Ashley have to write about a virus and make a comic book. I created a flower that everyone thinks is good for them but actually gives you diahrea or however you spell it. Then I went home.

Got home. Watched Clueless and then fell asleep. Then Taylor called and interuped my fabulous dream. Him and Trevor came over and I actually rode a skateboard for more than three seconds :] Then we walked to Taylors house and then went to EPO and crashed this really retarded elementry dance. We got free food. Then we left and took like five balloons each and we're playing with helium. It was funny. Then we walked to Nikki's and then went back to Taylors and made macoroni and cheese and brownies. It was soo funny. Just retarded stuff. Trevor kicked a bag of noodles and they went EVERYWHERE and we we're all rolling on the floor laughing- literally. It was great. Then we watched Mean Girls and then Nikki's mom took me home and I wrote Pete and email and I think I'm gonna go to bed.

Tomorrow I am hopefully going to Taco Bell with Crystal. I really want a hircut. Hopefully I'll get one. So I'm gonna go. Have Sweet Dreams. I ALWAYS do. :]

You're pulling petals off a flower trying to get your way. Keep pulling 'til it says what you want it to say. Girl you can pick a field of daisies but he’d still be my baby. I know you can hardly wait 'til I’m away from him instinctively I know what you’re thinking. You'll be giving him an open invitation. But my baby wont be taking it. He loves me. Loves you [not]

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So lets just make this last [forever] [Mar. 3rd, 2005|09:05 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |lovedloved]
[Current Music |Never Wanna Say Goodbye]

No more crying. No denying. I'm in love.

Well today was simply fabulous* hehe. Woke up. Went to school and that was good. Crystal is mad a someone for talking shit and spreading rumors. But other that that. Peter came over and we went to the Great Escape and saw my friend Ashley's boyfriend there. We hung out with him. Peter has gotten a lot better at DDR since we first started going out. hmm. . .But yeah. Back to reality. We wandered around the mall and went to the toy store and WOW. That was hilarious. Me and Peter didnt even know his name. hahahaha. Then we went home and read a childrend book and just hung out. Then we took him home :(

But yeah. I dont know what else to write. I'm just printing out some homework and chatting. Then I'm gonna go sleep. I love sleep. It feels like Friday. I dont wanna go to school. . .

Never been in love. Cause a girl like me never had someone to care for. Never thought there could be someone special for me. And now I'm all in love. Cause a girl like me waited patiently for someone. Someone to care for me and there will never be no more lonely, no more just me I've been there before. Aint going on no more. And now that your here I never wanna say goodbye love.

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Its the way that he makes you fall in love. [Mar. 2nd, 2005|09:51 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |Pretty Girl]

Well I just got done with my letter to Bush. It was short, breif and right to the point. Kinda like me. But yeah. I was gonna do the rest of my science homework but I'll just do it after Peter goes home tomorrow! hehe.

But yeah today was good. Math was ok. History was boring as usual. Lunch was boring. But then Drama. Oh drama on the days where its fun. Me and Kevin and Alexis wandered around and worked on our skit during second and third lunch because there was a sub. It was really fun. Peter had third so I hung out with him for a little. Then PE was really fun. Me and Abby and Crystal and Maranda did non-suits and we got to go to Mr. Davis's and help there. Ashley was in that class so it was cool. Then it was one of the kid's birthdays so we got to eat cupcakes. =] I said retard in that class and felt sooo bad. It was kinda funny though. Then we all left and walked around looking for Shane Carlson for Maranda but never found him. We, instead got in trouble byu Mr. Fogel for being truent to class. He spotted us walking around giggling so we ran to the girls bathroom but we under-estimated his intelligence and he caught us and gave us a big lecture on how next time we will all get in school suspencion or something like that. It was funny though. Then I went home. I talked to Pete and did my homework.

Well Nikki let me borrow her straightener and so I need to go straighten my hair. Then I'm gonna go to bed. Sweet Dreams.

She's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego. Her killer instinct tells her to be aware of evil men. And thats what you get for falling again you can never get him out of your head. Pretty girl, Pretty girl.


PS I am going to Italy with Peter for one week during the summer! =]
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Take it back, take it all back now.The things I gave like the taste of my kiss on your lips. [Mar. 1st, 2005|08:25 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |coldcold]
[Current Music |Undiscovered]

And I cant hate and I cant fake but its my heart thats about to break. I'm on my knees your all I need. Watch me bleed would you listen please.

Today was good. I just woke up from like an hour nap. I had a headache. I woke up and it was dark. I looked at the clock and it said sixth thirty. Then my mom was in the bathroom and I asked her if it was time for school and she said yes. I went downstairs and dinner was on the table. haha. It was weird. I was half asleep the whole time. So I'm just hear. Checking my empry empty inbox. = [

Well school was good. Drama was ok. Then Language was ok. Lunch was fun. And PE was alright. I did all that presidental crap and redid my shuttle run. Thats all we did the whole period. I could have done more situps. I did like 43 or something. It was gay. Hmm. . I have to go write a rough draft of what I am going to say to my Bush.. . I dont feel like it. Thank God thats my only homework except this easy math thing that I'll probably do right before class. hehe. Then I was walking home from the bus and Ashley chased me down cause I couldnt hear her. I went and hung out with her and her new boyfriend for a while. My mom said she was [franticly] looking for me but I dont think thats the truth. I called her didnt I? Well I gotta go shower and do homework. I have a headache. . .

I cant try any harder than I do. All the reasons I gave. Excuse I made. Touch me now how I wanna feel something so real. Please remind me. My love, take me back.'Cause I'm so in love with what we were, I'm not breathing i'm suffocating. Do you feel it too?

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Sometimes its hard when your so deep inside to see all you could lose in the blink of an eye. [Feb. 28th, 2005|08:09 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |Jessica Simpson "Underneath"]

Well today was neither good nor bad. Just well there. I woke up with a sore throat but its better now. I need a new straightener. Nikki said she'll bring me hers to borrow tomorrow. Hopefully she remembers. Well anyways. . homeroom was good. I like it A LOT BETTER in the morning. Just makes the day go by faster I guess. Well then language was ok. Science was good. Math was hilarious. And history was boring. Lunch was ok. I had it with Michelle and Ashley and they are hilarious. Then the bus ride home I just listened to music as always. I have to write a letter to an elected official and I think Í'm gonna write Bush because I know a lot about what's going on in Iraq thanks to my current events.

After school was good. I got home and watched Dr. Phil and ate grapes. Then got online and my mom kicked me off and I lost all my ghost footage. =(. But I just downloaded it again. Then I went upstairs and wrote poem and then talked to Peter for a while. Then ate dinner and played with the puppy. Then talked to Peter again and now I'm just talking to people and starting my homework.

I didnt go to Ashley's because I was too lazy to go down there. Oh well. Perhaps tomorrow. Well I'm gonna go talk to everyone who is IMing me and get my homework done eventhough nothing is due tomorrow. See ya.

Underneath I can feel you moe through me. Inside out. You surround me. I breath you like I'm taking my last breath. Oh, your everything I know. So how could I let you go?

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Comes back and makes me catch her everytime she falls. [Feb. 27th, 2005|07:28 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |She will be loved]

Woke up.
Got online.
Went back to bed.
Woke up again.
Wrote my essay.
Watched a movie.
Got on the phone with Peter.
Ate dinner.
Got online.
Took a shower.
Did science homework.
Talked online.
Talked on the phone with Ashley.
Made plans for tomorrow.
Picked a scab.
Got online.
Got offline.
Talked on the phone.
Watched part of a movie.
Got online.
Went to bed early.

See you all tomorrow.

|Look For The Girl With The Broken Smile|
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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2005|07:31 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |complacentcomplacent]
[Current Music |OC Theme Song]

Well I just got home. I went to some families house today. I gotreally pissed at my mom when she went to the store and never came back. She forgot me there. Whatever. I'm over it now. It was okay there. We just sit around and make fun of eachother. I just listened to my CD player the whole time anyways. It was kinda boring though because I only had my Linkin Park Reanimation CD with me. But yeah. I just got home. I called Peter but he wasnt home. I need to clean my room and start my essay thats due I think Monday.

Tomorrow I dont know what I'm gonna do. I'm sxupposed to hang out with Crystal but I dont think I'm going too. I lost her phone number again anyways. I dont have anyones number memorized. But yeah. Pete wanted me to meet him at the bowling alley but its not for sure so I dont know.Tonght is going to be boring I just know it. Maybe I'll just go read and then go to bed early. I wanna get my hair permanitly straightned but some days I like it curly and just everywhere so I dont know. Maybe I'll just get a new straightener.

My Dad bought me Squeezits. Those are so good. I havent had one since I was like in sixth grade. haha. My brother rented Harry Potter The prisoner of something. . .I dont know. I stopped reading them after like the third. I still havent seen the whole second movie. haha. But yeah. I dont know. I really need to get out more. Brennan invited me to go kick it with him today but I didnt know if that would be ok. . . But today was good. I mean it could have been better but it could have been worse at the same time so I cant complain. I'm gonna go see if anyones on. I havent signed on anything yet.

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I'm such a fool over you. . . [Feb. 25th, 2005|10:22 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |lovedI feel beautiful. . .]
[Current Music |Mandy Moore "Gonna be love"]

Well today was great. I always knew a boring week ment something good would come out in the end. Well I woke uo and then went school. It was good. Math was gay but I have a good grade in that class I guess. Then History was ok. I like being in that class. I actually feel comfortable with the students in there to be able to answer the questions unlike the other class that was intimidating. Anyways. Then Peter took first lunch and that was cool. I should have went to the counsilers office with him. But yeah. Then drama was better than usual. I was in a group with only three people. But it ended up being good. We all got 10's. =]. Then PE was sooo retarded. We had to run a mile and then do the sit and reach thing. It was dumb. But the conversations we had we're funny. Like how when your like sitting there imagioning yourself doing something and then you like fall or slip and then your whole body just flinches. I thought that I was weird and the only one it happened too. Guess I was wrong. . . In homeroom we we're doing our elective thingys and I have no idea what to chose. I mean its a hard dicission.

Then after school Peter came over and we hung out with my Sister and the puppies for a while. Then we hung out and then my parents took my family to Godfathers. That was cool I guess. Caitlin was there and my uncle was being gay- Literally. lol. Then we went to The Great Escape for a few minutes. It was fun. Then we rented movies and went home and just hung out. I tried to play DDR and it was really hard and I felt like an idiot.

I got pissed at my mom. She just always puts her damn AA meetings or anything that fits her needs before me. I almost started crying. She just doesnt car.e She always tells me I can come talk to her about anything and then when I do and its not something she wants to here she flips out and screams at me. Its just not fair. She is so selfish. She really just doesnt understand me at all.

Well thats about it. I have to watch the puppies and I think I'm gonna watch Dodge Ball and go to bed.

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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2005|07:27 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[Current Music |Jesse McCartney "Because you Live"]

Live Journal is being retarded right now so I'm on wordpad. I hate that. I always write a really good entry and then I try to update and then it says its read only. GOD! lol. Anyways. .

Today was good I guess. Went to school. I brought Peter cupcakes. He liked them =]. Then I went to drama and its not as fun as I thought it was gonna be. If I had some more people it would be. But yeah. . . Then had PE. It was ok I guess. Lunch was fun. Aimee actually ate with us. She was getting irriated by this kid playing the accordian [I dont know if I spelt that right] however I thought it was interesting. . Then science was ok. We had a sub and he wasnt a very nice man. Homeroom is so gay. I hate having to actually pay attention. They never let me listen to music anymore. Losers. We voted for what we wanted. I said morning but I think we should get rid of it all together. They are so stupid.

Then I came home and watched Dr. Phil for a little bit. Then tlaked to Peter for a while. Then made some noodles and did half my homework,

This summer I am going to my Dad's at the end of the school year. If not a few days before. Fun. Its always exilerating down there. Peter thinks that I might be able to go to Italy with him. I just dont think thats gonna happen. Just doesnt seem logical. Dont get me wrong I would looooove to go with him but I just dont think its gonna happen. . but then having him gone for a month would be really hard. :x

But yeah well I'm gonna go. Nothing else to write except that PETER IS COMING OVER TOMORROW!!

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Promise we wont fall apart. Promise this right from the start. . . [Feb. 23rd, 2005|07:48 pm]
*brandi michelle*
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Lillix "Promises"]

Well today was ok. I got up and my mom took me to school. Launguage arts was retarded because we are reading a play and I asked the teacher if I could have a part and she wouldnt let me even though this girl Marlina has two parts and then most annoying vioce in all the history was annoying voices I mean oh my god. And she sits right next to me. I almost strangled her. lol Math was ok. I got a C- on my quiz. It was dumb. She could have rounded up. Then History was ok. I didnt get as good a grade on a test as I thought I would. Science was easy. I took another damn test. . .

Caleb broke my binder. It was retarded. Then John was tripping me. I am so sick of all these little boys trying to flirt with me when I make it clear that I dont like them like that. Then they start trashing talking boyfriend. It's fucking retarded. They act like they know everything about him when they dont have a clue. They think that thats gonna make me wanna break up with Pete by saying bad things about. I'm not like that. Also they think they can win me by talking bad about him when it makes me not wanna talk to them at all. It's so screwed up. They are all just jealous and they know it.

But anyways. Then I came home and took like a 10 mintue nap. Then talked to Peter for a little bit. Then watched Oprah with my mom and had some ramen. My dad bought me Starbursts. I am so in love with those little candies right now. =]. Then helped make dinner again and then started making cupcakes. My stomache has been hurting off and on all day. It's pissing me off.

Well theres not much else for me to write except on Friday Peter is coming over and I have no idea what I'm gonna do about this weekend. Peter just signed off so I'm just gonna go get ready for bed and then take a shower.

He took my life into his hands and it turned it all around
In my most desperate circumstance
It’s there I finally found
That you are strong enough
That you are pure enough
To break me, pour me out and start again
That you are brave enough
To take one chance on me
Oh thank you for my chance to start again.

XOXO, brandi*

Oh my god Marissa on the OC is a Lesbian. Has she always been like that? :o
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